Accomplishment Highlights:

  • Youngest ever minority CEO of publicly-held company
  • Companies have raised, been sold for, and earned over $1M
  • Bestselling author
  • Business Week 25 under 25 and Inc. 30 under 30
  • Recognized in top national press
  • Businesses that are changing the world through innovation, improving the environment, and helping the world’s poor.
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  • Alexandra Mysoor
  • Jake Nickell
  • Hezekiah Griggs
  • Elizabeth Davis
  • Jeremy Johnson
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  • Hiten Shah
  • Duane Spires

Jason Duff

Jason Duff is an acclaimed speaker, real estate developer and award winning Entrepreneur. Jason graduated Ohio Northern University in 2005 and is the Founder & CEO of Community Storage & Properties, Ltd. and COMSTOR Outdoor, Ltd. and serves in executive capacities to several other businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Jason has been recognized for his contributions as a real estate developer and his role in spearheading revitalization efforts contributing to millions of dollars in new growth, appreciation, and community investment. In 2005, he was awarded the prestigious Global Student Entrepreneurship Social Impact Award and was featured in numerous magazines, television and radio programs.

Jason resides in Columbus, Ohio where he is currently working on his first book and pursuing plans to establish a foundation which benefits global causes and initiatives.

More about Jason

Biggest obstacles overcome...

Me! I’ve found that my biggest obstacle is often my own fears and judgments. I realized that the sooner I could overcome and conquer my fears, the easier it was for me to welcome new opportunities and successes.

Biggest business mistake...

Mistakes are just a part of life, so go out there and make them. Mistakes accelerate learning opportunities and with that said…I have sure learned a lot! Let me give you an example, if you say you are customer driven, publish it on your website, marketing materials, etc…be consistent and perform.

Biggest vice...

Microsoft Outlook. I’m addicted to organizing my calendar and outlook files, locating birthday’s for all of my contacts, and maliciously maintaining updated information. Others make fun of me about this and I may need intervention.

Best advice for others...

Make people a priority in your life. Systems are great and important too, but people drive change, evolution and humanity. Make relationships a priority – personally and professionally.

What I do for fun...

Work and play are interchangeable, especially when you what you do. Outside of my career, I enjoy cooking, traveling, skiing, boating, and spending time with friends.

Most embarrassing business moment...

I have struggled for years working to improve my skills with remembering names. A few years back, I was meeting with an important client and in the middle of our meeting; my new client asked me why I kept referring to him as “sir” and asked me to use his first name. (Panic struck!) and I had to apologize and explain to my client that I had forgotten his name.