Accomplishment Highlights:

  • Youngest ever minority CEO of publicly-held company
  • Companies have raised, been sold for, and earned over $1M
  • Bestselling author
  • Business Week 25 under 25 and Inc. 30 under 30
  • Recognized in top national press
  • Businesses that are changing the world through innovation, improving the environment, and helping the world’s poor.
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  • Hezekiah Griggs
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  • Jeremy Johnson
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Doug Fath

Doug Fath has sold two businesses, developed a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, and helped individuals throughout North America generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in passive income.

Doug’s real estate endeavors began at the age of 22, when he bought his first four properties, while receiving his bachelor’s degree at New York University's Stern School of Business. His portfolio has doubled in size every year since!

Doug’s strategy of acquiring income-producing properties below market value has enabled him to make money regardless of market conditions. Despite today’s tough economy and while most real estate investor’s are losing their shirts, student housing investments continue to provide great cashflow and appreciate, thanks to favorable demographics.

With over six years experience in student housing, Doug is an expert in delivering products that fit the needs of both students and universities.

Using the principles that worked for him and other successful entrepreneurs, Doug inspires and empowers individuals on their journey to financial freedom through coaching, seminars, and keynotes.

Doug’s real estate endeavors have received national acclaim. He is a winner of the 2004 Bank of America Entrepreneurship Award and has been featured and interviewed by ABC News, The NYU Report, the Philadelphia Daily News, and Bloomberg TV. Additionally, Doug is a Keynote Speaker on 'The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour,' which brings America's top young entrepreneurs to college campuses across country. Finally, he is a featured speaker for both the American Management Association and Learning Annex.

More about Doug

Biggest obstacle overcome...

Negative people and negative energy. Especially when I first started out and wanted to be an entrepreneur, the people closest to me said things like, "You have no experience!", "You can’t do that!", and just generally discouraged me.

Biggest business mistake...

Not speaking up when I disagree with stuff that's going on, because other people may not like what I have to say.

Biggest vice...

Being a perfectionist.

Biggest advice for others...

Don't listen to people who say you can't. Surround yourself with like-mined positive people that help you achieve your goals.

What I do for fun...

Playing and watching sports. Vacation. Reading a good book. Playing PS2.

Most embarrassing business moment...

When I know our product (an apartment) is supposed to be done a certain way, and it's not, and tenants are complaining to me, and I know that they're absolutely right.