Accomplishment Highlights:

  • Youngest ever minority CEO of publicly-held company
  • Companies have raised, been sold for, and earned over $1M
  • Bestselling author
  • Business Week 25 under 25 and Inc. 30 under 30
  • Recognized in top national press
  • Businesses that are changing the world through innovation, improving the environment, and helping the world’s poor.
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  • Alexandra Mysoor
  • Jake Nickell
  • Hezekiah Griggs
  • Elizabeth Davis
  • Jeremy Johnson
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  • Duane Spires

Adam Witty

Adam Witty decided at the age of 19 that it was high time to bring his passions for entrepreneurial spirit and the American dream those dreams to life and started a business out of his dorm room. That company, Advantage, is today the parent corporation to Advantage Media Group, Advantage Networks, and TicketAdvantage. Advantage Media Group is an author owned publishing house. Advantage Networks is a full-service sports marketing firm. TicketAdvantage is a provider of integrated ticketing systems and technology for teams, universities, leagues, and venues.

Adam brought another dream to life in the summer of 2003 with the Baseball USA tour. Featured in USA Today, Adam and a team of 12 colleagues traveled 21,538 miles across America in a 42 foot “rock star bus” tailgating at 45+ major and minor league baseball games. Benefiting local chapters of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Adam and company created an interactive fan experience at each ball game to market his company to fans and families. Additionally, Adam successfully partnered with Chevrolet, Hewlett-Packard, Louisville Slugger, and Cal Ripken Baseball among others as sponsors of the tour.

More about Adam

Biggest obstacle overcome...

The desire to give up. I note in my book that persistence correlates with success.

Biggest business mistake...

Not shutting up. To date in my business career, I have done more talking than listening. Big mistake. I work on this everyday.

Biggest vice...

Working too much. I love what I do so much, I would rather work than do many other things.

Biggest advice for others...

Consistent persistence. Entrepreneurship and starting a business isn't all that hard. It is the action, implementation, and perseverance that is difficult.

What I do for fun...

I have never looked at "work" as "work" and "play" as "play". To me, it's all just living. To answer your question though, sailing, running, reading, watching my Tigers play.

Most embarrassing business moment...

Not sure. I probably make a fool of myself everyday and am too goofy to realize it! Seriously though, you develop thick skin, and you don't really care too much